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Redi-Gro Corporation aerial view Redi-Gro Corporation is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations! We strive to make each customer a growing success. Since 1978, a knowledgeable, helpful staff and excellent products have made Redi-Gro the vendor of choice.

In addition to manufacturing and distributing its own familiar label,
Redi-Gro has private label programs for wholesalers and retailers.

Redi-Gro factory
Redi-Gro is a "full-line" lawn and garden vendor, that manufactures and distributes all categories of soil amendment products and supplies for Redi-Gro and several other manufacturers.

Our ever expanding array of delivery options makes your delivery possible.
Redi-Gro trucks

Our fleet of flatbed trucks with forklifts, vans, walking floors, transfers, and end dumps are available on a project or per load basis. Redi-Gro's experienced drivers make timely deliveries for all you orders.

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